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Build Bozeman Central Park, Bury I-90& Improve the M Trail’s Parking

For this week’s city commission meeting, June 22nd, 2021 I would like to propose for my parking garage idea to be added to the agenda, and for it to receive $1 for funding and research, in order to establish and create an official, preliminary budget dollar amount figure, for the first two proposed construction projects by the M Trail, enclosed in this packet. 

I am also proposing for me, Christopher Brizzolara, to be put of charge of this financial statement to come back to the commission with the official numbers for funding.

The second project enclosed in this proposal is a tunnel over the road, behind the M trail parking lot, by using balloon formwork in place, that would require no demolition of Bridger Canyon. These projects would be able to be used as real accurate figure to estimate how much my Bozeman Central Park and Pedestrian/Bike Pathway Circle would cost to implement.

Which is part of my Build Bozeman by Bozeman Plan.


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