Final Mayoral 2021 Campaign Post

I just wanted to share my last, and best interview I had while running for mayor so far, from Ron Placone on his show Get Your News On with Ron: Ron was an awesome host and I really enjoyed the interview. Thanks again Ron. Also, this will be my last post as well, andContinue reading “Final Mayoral 2021 Campaign Post”

Gallatin Democrats Campaign Introduction

I just want to thank the Gallatin Democrats and Julia Shaida, the Chair, for letting me present and listening to what I have to offer this campaign. As a reminder, my core goals and platforms are turning our grid to be 99% renewable, increasing minimum wage to $22 an hour, organizing a union for Montana’sContinue reading “Gallatin Democrats Campaign Introduction”

Let’s Ski Again Bozeman

This is the attachment explaining how I, as Mayor of Bozeman, would intend to help Bozeman’s ski resort employees, as well as how I would help regular citizens afford to buy season passes at their favorite Montana ski resorts. How many of us can’t afford to go skiing anymore? It’s disgusting that these private corporationsContinue reading “Let’s Ski Again Bozeman”

Fuel Bozeman by Bozeman

This is the attachment outlying how I would have our valley invest in green technology to become fuel independent. Montana could produce more gasoline and diesel than Texas, and we could be doing it by sucking out the pollution from our air to do so. This amazing company from Canada, Carbon Engineering, can turn theContinue reading “Fuel Bozeman by Bozeman”

Build Bozeman by Bozeman 2.0 – Another 24 More Affordable Housing Proposals

This is third of three series of proposals that will be posted here, explaining how a would-be Mayor Brizzolara would solve affordable housing in Bozeman. The first proposal is known as Build Bozeman by Bozeman, the second is Feed Bozeman by Bozeman, and this is the continuation the original Build Bozeman by Bozeman Plan. BoastingContinue reading “Build Bozeman by Bozeman 2.0 – Another 24 More Affordable Housing Proposals”

Feed Bozeman by Bozeman 2021 Plan

This is the attachment laying out how a would-be Mayor Brizzolara would intend to grow urban farming in our community, as well as layout, what would happen to the farmer who owns the property I refer to as Cat Tail Lake Subdivision – the first property in the Build Bozeman by Bozeman Plan. Simply put,Continue reading “Feed Bozeman by Bozeman 2021 Plan”

International Bozeman Expansion Plan

This is the attachment laying out how a potential Mayor Brizzolara would intend to help Bozeman’s immigrants, as well help the people of Bozeman’s international friends acquire citizenship, and how I plan to expand our international community through launching a study abroad initiative. Of course, MSU’s Brightest Students, TAs, and Professors, as well as allContinue reading “International Bozeman Expansion Plan”

Bozeman Child Reception Center

This is the attachment laying out how a would-be Mayor Brizzolara intends to help out the Texas facilities that are managing the children coming into our country from the Southern Border. Simply put, Texas is overflowing, and they need prosperous cities like ours to care, and help them out. These children are America’s future andContinue reading “Bozeman Child Reception Center”

Govern Bozeman by Bozeman Direct Democracy Plan

This is the attachment laying out how Mayor Brizzolara would intend to run the commission after a passed Initiative voted in by the people of Bozeman. Hi, I’m Chris Brizzolara, a candidate running for mayor this November in Bozeman, and I want to talk about direct democracy. Please read my proposal, and comment below onContinue reading “Govern Bozeman by Bozeman Direct Democracy Plan”

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