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Govern Bozeman by Bozeman Direct Democracy Plan

This is the attachment laying out how Mayor Brizzolara would intend to run the commission after a passed Initiative voted in by the people of Bozeman.

Hi, I’m Chris Brizzolara, a candidate running for mayor this November in Bozeman, and I want to talk about direct democracy.

Please read my proposal, and comment below on improvements, feedback, or questions.


2 thoughts on “Govern Bozeman by Bozeman Direct Democracy Plan

  1. There are a lot of things i like about some of your ideas. However, I can find nothing regarding your experience, credentials etc. I also don’t like how you are so derogatory in your description of your opponents.


    1. Thanks, I think I am extremely creative, and that all my proposals make their money back and earn a profit, while also prioritizing the everyday Montanan…

      And I agree with your last statement.

      Brian LaMeres is an awesome person, and I really enjoyed meeting him this year. If he beats me, I can’t help but be happy for him. Good luck Brian!


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